A magic evening with Comaneci

A music that whispers to your eyes, lets you hear the true colors of nature, these are the wonders of the live performance of the Comaneci duo. And I had the pleasure, and the privilege, to be part of the audience that was totally captured by the live show this week at the Murphy’s Meeting Point (da Savo) in Trieste.  I’m quite sure you cannot completely understand the simple beauty and power of a song like Flesh until you’ve experienced their live performance, amongst the audience.  And then you’ll never forget that moments of pure magic. Too short as a review? As the Comaneci would say: when you’ve told all that you wanted in a few words, there’s no need to continue. Just a little hint, listen to their music, it will do you good. Thank you Francesca, thank you Glauco!

The link to their web page:  https://comaneci.bandcamp.com/

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